What we are going to take away?

We always try to look at things, with fog of negativity. Everything we learn, everything we see, is a direct filter of our suffering. Everybody is suffering from something or someone, it is a never-ending cycle. And almost every time, we miss the point. Yes, we are suffering right now, but the future we create, may have a different picture.

It is like, every person you meet, or every person you leave behind, teaches you an important lesson of what you want in your life. Some give us the gift of appreciating others, while others teach you to avoid certain things in life. And yet we never realize, having those bad experiences in our life, makes us the person that we are. Generally, a person is measured in terms of black and white; but there is a shade for every situation in his life which alters is thinking and actions.

We have so many stories to support this! First one is of Hitler. In his childhood he had some bad experiences with Jewish people, later that turned him into a menace he was. He could have learnt his lesson and instead of torturing, he could have been good to everyone when he was in power, so that no one would feel what he felt. But as we all know he choose revenge over forgiveness.

King Ashoka was devastated after his brothers tried to kill him, his loved ones were killed while protecting him. He also went on a revenge spree which concluded with the Kalinga war, killing more than 3,00,000 people. And that massacre made him realize, you cannot heal your wounds, with other’s flesh. His change of heart made him one of the best kings, in the world known to mankind.

My personal favorite is of Karna. Pandavas treated him badly but Duroudhana treated him as a friend (for whatever reasons may be, those reasons were unknown to Karna). He had seen what bias combined with power can do, and he wanted to change that. A bad experience inspired him to make a change. After knowing all the aspects of the story, we know he choose a wrong side. But can we say, the changes he made were bad?! He had every reason to dislike Pandavas, and make the change, which he did.

The basic reasons behind all these stories is that all these people were treated badly. Some learned from their feelings others choose not to. And the rest is history. Just because someone was bad to you, does not mean you must treat others in a same way. You can make sure, that others do not feel the same humiliation or misery.

Bad things happen to people all the time. The way we perceive it, decides our future and in some cases future of mankind. No one is good or bad. They are just reflections of what choices they have made. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the course you have chosen and the effect it could have on others. May be that is why the journey worth. It is totally up to you, what to take and what not to. But, I do want people to choose, love over hatred. The courage to maintain peace over fear. As you do not know, what effect your actions would have on people’s mind. Kindness is the solution to all the horrors we are facing now a day. Just a smile can convert someone’s bad day into a better one.