​आपल्याला बोलायला ओळख लागते. ओळख वेगळी वेगळी असू शकते, कधी व्यक्तिशी तर कधी मुद्दयांशी. दोन माणसं जेह्वा भेटतात, तेह्वा ओळख शोधतात. काहीतरी साधर्म्य शोधतात. कारण आपल्याला अनोळखी गोष्टिंची, माणसांची भीति असते. ओळखीच्या ठिकाणी जायला तेवढी भीति नाही वाटत. तसाच काहितरी अनोळखी व्यक्तिशी बोलताना होत. जेह्वा एक ओळखीचा धागा सापडतो, तेह्वा त्या व्यक्तीची भीति कमी होते आणि संवादाला सुरवात होते. अर्थात बोलणं ओळखीला धरुनच असतं. त्या धाग्याला धरुन आपण पुढे जातो आणि जाळे विणायचा प्रयत्न करतो. म्हणूनच कदाचित, विचार ज्या व्यक्तिशी जुळतात ते आपल्याला जास्त जवळचे वाटतातं. कारण त्यांच्या विचारांचे सगळे धागे आपल्याला माहित असतात. 

ज्या लोकांशी विचार जुळत नाही, त्या लोकांच आपण जास्त ऐकूनपण घेऊ शकतं नाही. एक भीति असते, आपल्याला आपला comfort zone सोडावा लागेल, आणि त्याच्याहून जास्त भीति असते की, त्या comfort zone च्या बाहेर आपल्याला जास्त आवडेल. स्वतःच अस्तित्व त्या comfort zone ने आपणच ठरवलेल असतं  आणि जर तोच सोडला तर अस्तित्वालापण धक्का लागतो. अर्थात स्वतःच्या अस्तित्वाला स्वतःहुन धोक्यात घालण सगळ्यांना जमातच अस नाही.



This trek was a journey for me in a sense. I was delighted that this trek happened. Not in a life changing way but it was definitely a life enriching experience.

For this trek, I was merging my two groups. And if that doesn’t go well, trust me your life is screwed. These two groups have their own place in my life and obviously I wanted them not to hate each other, if not like each other.

As all the historic places of our country, hold huge historic significance, even this fort has its own glorious ups and downs. It was built during 1713-1720 CE by Balaji Vishwanath, the first Peshwa of Maratha Empire. And later, in the 18th century was conquered by the British for its feasible location to attack Lohagad Fort. And for all the history lovers, please visit Wikipedia.

Visapur Fort
Visapur - 1
The lushy green landscapes and beautiful waterfalls.

We had decided to catch the local of 7:30 am but later found out that it does not go to malavali at all. So like every group, plan was changed even before it started. Finally we reached our destination and the journey began, from malavali station to Visapur fort.

The total hike was of 9-10 km. It seems as a huge number for not-doing-any-exercise-at-all-teenagers (like us). But as they say, your company decides the actual journey and not the distance.

Right after you enter visapur village there is a beautiful Visapur waterfall. Right next to it there is a way for Bhaje Leni or Bhaje Caves, which we decided to skip due to time constrain.

Visapur Waterfall
Visapur Waterfall

The start was exciting, and as soon as I started enjoying a dramatic change of events happened and my ankle was sprained while climbing that waterfall. I had two choices, either go back or continue with sprained ankle, for next 15-16 KMs and that does not include the steep rocky waterfall climbing. Needless to say I choose second option. And boy! I am grateful to myself for taking that decision. And I am grateful to my friend Anagha kale, who made sure that my veins are not blocked, which most of the time cause the swelling.

The best part about this trek is that it is a water fall trek. After reaching the base of the fort, you have to walk for about 1.5-2 KM approx., where you get a free pedicure (if you are not wearing shoes). Then the real fort trek start. Half of it is in slippery mud stones and half of it is in cold waterfall. If the rains are in your favour, you would be lucky enough to see the stepping stone. I don’t have any picture of this route, since it was raining. It is about 30-40 Meters high and pretty steep. And that’s why it is way more fun to climb. Make sure you wear shoes with nice grip, have a windcheater with you.

My journey till the waterfall climbing was bearable or I guess I ignored the pain. But when I saw what I had to climb, that to with a sprained ankle, I had my doubts, and I even considered staying back and waiting for my friends to return after completing their trek. But if you have good friends, they will not leave you behind, even when they know that you are going to be difficult to handle. I am blessed to have such people in my life.

I started my climb with the help of Arjun (a friend of mine), he was there on every step, helping me to climb one step at a time. And when I need someone else’s help, like always, I had my best friend Swapnali by my side. If you have gone on any such treks, you know people are always ready to help, if you have some problem. And so they did, I received so many helping hand through my journey to the top. Out of all these unknown people, I only know one name, a guy called Siddhesh, who helped me like 7-8 times. But through this blog, I want to say thank you to everyone who, knowingly or unknowingly helped me to climb. It is every strange though, I don’t know their names, but I still remember their faces. And probably, I will always remember their faces, because they have helped me when I needed it.

Carry a lot of food, because once you reach the top, you will find yourself famished and there is no scope of getting any food over there.

And after all this, when you finally reach your mountain top, you know for moment like these, you live. For moment like these, which defines your attitude, which helps you to break your comfort zone, which makes you stronger and which makes you believe in your capacity. Moments like these offer you the real freedom. In those moments you live only for yourself. Yes, the climb was not that difficult but the sprained ankle made it difficult for me. And true, everyone helped me to reach there, but the pain was mine and completely mine, so was the whole satisfaction. May be that was my Everest, at least for time being!